An unforgettable journey into the stories you’ve only dreamed of. Come let your imagination roam free!

Beneath the branches of an enchanted tree is a world of whimsy, where imagination runs free… Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park. Step into a living storybook filled with fantastic creatures, amazing adventures, incredible encounters and moments you’ll cherish forever. The Tree of Life is full of surprises—inside and out. Its giant trunk is cloaked with a tapestry of hand-carved animals. Inside the tree, cure your fear of bugs in the hilarious 3-D spectacular It’s Tough To Be A Bug®.

Then set off for Harambe, an East African coastal village, the hop-on point for Kilimanjaro Safaris®. On safari you’ll trek across 110 acres of African savannah, surrounded by real free-roaming wildlife. Then take a spin through Asia on Kali River Rapids®, where white waters and twisting currents always make a big splash. Board an abandoned tea train to the summit of Expedition Everest™. Here you’ll go forward and backward, up and down and come face to face with the legendary Yeti!

Find where the Great White Way meets the Big Blue Sea at Finding Nemo-The Musical, inspired by Disney/Pixar’s “Finding Nemo.” Prepare for a prehistoric thrill in DinoLand, U.S.A., where you can blast back in time to face flaming meteors and hungry predators on DINOSAUR! Take some time with your favorite Disney pals in Camp Minnie-Mickey. Just around the bend join Simba, Timon and their other fuzzy friends for a fun-filled magical musical celebration at the Festival of the Lion King.